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Crash Course in Caregiving

Editorial note: we’re still creating the course! Here’s the scoop until it’s officially live so don’t click on it just yet. Let’s face it: in college, they didn’t teach a class on how to handle it down the road when mom and dad get sick and you step in to support them and manage their household. (And hey, even if they did, would you have signed up? We wouldn’t have, it would have felt too far out of reach, not real.)

Well, we know your situation when you’re thrust into the situation on a boat without a paddle. You don’t know who to turn to, how to get information quickly, or make sound decisions on lack of sleep and in isolation.

Consider our crash course in caregiving over on Thinkific just what you need! (Also, please feel free to gift it to someone who’s deep in the trenches). If you’re already caregiving, yes this can totally help support you, too. And if you’re a rookie, well, consider this your master class in getting you up to speed.

Note: this course is informational only. It’s not intended to be construed as advice or taken as advice — for that, discuss your specific situation with a doctor for diagnosis and treatment, accountant, attorney, etc. Basically, we provide information, not advice.