Our Mission
We got your back! Exhale First is all about family support for eldercare. When people talk about what happens when mom or dad gets sick and how to best support them, we’re having conversations about how to best support you. Studies have shown that caregiving for an older relative can erase 10 years (yes—10!) off our lives. Feel free to tap into our community, visit our Facebook group, order a meditation, sign up for our newsletter with information, upcoming webinars, discounts with partners…and know that you’re not alone.

When roles instantly reverse and you become the parent caring for your ailing mom/dad/relative, let’s remember to exhale.

About Our Founder
Vicki Salemi, Founder & CEO
Chief Exhale Officer

Hi! I’m Vicki and I know what it’s like to be caught off guard, to be instantly immersed in caregiving mode when you don’t think of the word. You’re just being a daughter who steps up. Like when I was socializing in the West Village in September 2015 and got a call from the hospital that my mom was in the ER in New Jersey. Instantly, my life changed. Nothing prepared me for what was ahead.

Since then, I’ve made adjustments during this ongoing caregiving journey — my precious, important life no longer takes a back seat. I’ve learned the hard way that you gotta exhale. Put your oxygen mask on first. If you don’t, then the physical, emotional, mental impacts packs a punch. You’re of absolutely no help to yourself, let alone the elderly relative you’re trying to help.

That’s why I created Exhale First, so we can have a safe space to exhale. To educate. To engage.  We see you. We’re here to support you and dare I say thrive? Rather than barely survive.

A little bit more about me: I’m a certified caregiver by the American Caregiving Association. And I’m a nationally recognized career expert and author. I write a nationally syndicated column, “Vicki on Careers,” for Tribune and articles about careers/work Forbes and The New York Post. I get quoted frequently in mainstream media like Today, Good Morning America, The New York Times, BBC.com and more.  And no matter what the day brings, I am always dreaming about Italy!

You are not alone.

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